Other Policies

Please click on the policy names below to download a copy:

Prevent Policy


British Values policy

EAL – Policy-2021

The following policies are available on request from the school:

  1. Accessibility plan Policy
  2. Anti-bullying Policy
  3. Assessment for learning
  4. Attendance Policy
  5. Behaviour Policy
  6. Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Policy
  7. Fees Policy
  8. Data Protection Policy
  9. Fire Risk Policy
  10. First Aid Policy
  11. Healthy Food Policy
  12. Homework Policy
  13. ICT in School Policy
  14. Islamic Personality Development Policy
  15. Islamic Studies Policy
  16. Missing Child Policy
  17. Partisan Views Policy
  18. PSHEE Policy
  19. Race Equality
  20. Security Policy
  21. Single Equality Policy
  22. Equality and Diversity Policy
  23. Prevent and Radicalisation Policy
  24. Educational Visits Policy
  25. SMSC Policy
  26. Whistle Blowing Policy
  27. Visitors to Academy Policy

If you would like a copy of the above policies please email: info@hafsacademy.org.uk