Management Team

Sheikh Najmul Alam – Principal (Senior Management team)

Sheikh Najmul-Alam  graduated in Islamic studies from the institute of Islamic Education in West Yorkshire (Dewsbury). Sheikh also studied in the famous Madrasah Kashiful-Uloom in New Delhi where he studied hadith (Dawra) in 1993.

Sheikh Najm has always been active in youth and teaching. Since 1995 Sheikh Najam has been continuously teaching  various areas of Islamic studies and Arabic Language. Between 2001 and 2003 the Sheikh taught Arabic syntax, etymology and literature at the London Islamic School. In 2003 he became a teacher at the Ebrahim College where he taught advanced Arabic grammar and Hadith for a number of years. During this time he also started his own evening classes in Marylebone, Harrow and Barking. Since 2012, Sheikh progressed on to becoming the founder of Hafs Academy Secondary School in Stratford. In 2014, Hafs Academy Primary school started under the his guidance.

Ustadh Kazi Hussain (Head Teacher)

Shaykh Mujahid Ali – (Director of Islamic Studies, Senior Management Team)

Shaykh Mujahid Ali came to England at a young age and was brought up in the North of England. During his teens he started his Islamic studies at the Institute of Islamic Education in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire where he studied the Islamic sciences according to the Dars Nizami curriculum.

In 2002 he completed his hadith studies under Shaykhul Hadith Mufti Muslihuddin, Shaykh Yusuf Darwan, Shaykh Mufti Musa Badat and Shaykh Abul Qasim, from whom he received ijazah. He then travelled to the Middle East for further studies in Hadith under several mashayikh (scholars) such as Shaykh Mohammad Asa’d Saeed As-Sagarji Ad- Dimashqi, and also studied advanced Arabic at Ma’had al-Lugah a branch of Damascus University.

Since 2004 the Shaykh has been a teacher at Ebrahim College. Whilst teaching both these subjects he has compiled an anthology of Arabic literature as a literature textbook, and written a commentary on al-Muqaddamah al-Jazariyyah in tajweed, both of which will soon be published. He is also the Head of Arabic Language at Ebrahim College. The Shaykh also has ijaazah in al-Qira’aatal-Sab’ from the Institute of Islamic Education, Dewsbury. He is also one of the judges for the National Qira’at competition. Sheikh Mujahid Ali is currently the director of Islamic curriculum at Hafs Academy.

Ustadh Afzal Ahmed Chowdhury – (Islamic Development Officer, Middle Management Team)

Ustadh Afzal was born in East London and has lived there ever since. He went to state schools to complete his primary and secondary education. During that time he also attended several evening maktabs where he completed the recitation of the Quran as well as learning the basics of Islam.

It was at the age of 14 when he took a keen interest on the spiritual aspects of life. After completing his secondary education he began to study the Alimiyyah course with Sheikh Shams Ad Duha. He later enrolled and completed the Arabic Language and Islamic Studies Program at Ebrahim College.

Thereafter he enrolled at the Institute of Islamic Education, Dewsbury, for the final year of the Alimiyyah Program (known as Dawrah al-Hadith). From there he attained ijazahs (authorisation) for the major hadith texts as well as ijazahs for Qira’ah (the ten variant readings of the Quran).

After graduating he has been busy teaching at several institutes including Ebrahim College, BBCA Maktab, Muallim Academy (Harrow), as well as working on Islamic Studies Syllabus at Safar Academy. Currently he is overlooking the Islamic Studies Program at Hafs Academy in addition to developing the Islamic Curriculum.